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Synaptic Plasticity (Cover) Synaptic Plasticity (Cover)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really like it. But for the "Constructive Criticism" i think in some parts its too much "mechanical" a little lack of "Feel", i don't know if this make sense in english like it makes in portuguese, but some parts sounds like a computer playing the patterns or a little recorded riff repeated over and over, if that is the case try to record you playing the riffs at least ten times(for exemple), the transitions and the overall "feel" will sound less "machine" and more "man", but it is a really awesome music and very well played/mixed!
Beyond the things i said about the mechanical thing, i gave you the 5 stars because everything could be better, could be refined in some way, and this don't take away the awesomeness of the music :D

MaxPoly responds:

I wound up repeating a lot of things. This is my first time recording anything on guitar. The bass is a vst, since I don't own a bass. If I had a bass, I would record both.

But I'll take your advice on recording the same riff multiple times. I was kind of testing out the waters as far as repetition goes but you've spotted it ;)

Until The Sun (Original Song) Until The Sun (Original Song)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Rare and Absolutly Beatiful!

Melody: The melody is very simple, but it's incredibly contagious
and relaxing, in other words, simply wonderful. (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Beat: Throughout the song, I could only see a slight mismatch
which in itself is absolutely incredible, it's very hard to keep time
during the music, the gap was something almost imperceptible to my ears,
but you could quickly get back to the time of the song, proof that you
have an awesome inner time, gap only once. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Instruments: You play very well, even the guitar being the only instrument
in music it was balanced, it was also very well written, even with my horrible
headphone i could notice the great quality audio and mastering, is clear, clean,
full and bright. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Voice: It is rare to see voices like yours around here, I like the fact of
not having to hear another "robot generation voice AUTO-TUNE", just with this
I'd give you a point in that matter, but you get beyond it, your voice is refined
and you still can use it wisely, thus making you a rare singer, many singers
have technique but lack Feeling, but you have both. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Letter: This is not an issue that I normally review, since most of the songs that
I listen and review are instrumental. As a deep lover of poetry and all forms of
art, I would praise you for the great lyrics, sentimental, simply, well written and
beautiful, perfectly paced with the music. Congratulations! (1 / 5) (2 / 10)

Final Thoughts: My congratulations! I am really amazed to find a talent in your
level here, most here are amateur musicians who usually has more knowledge about
creating music through synthesizers and VST's and end up losing the roots of
good music and musical skills.

(Actually I'm pretty much one of them, but unlike some of them, I know how to
appreciate good music when it comes to my ears)

Keep up the great job!

Suggestions: You really should try the radio, to popularize your music,
although not as electronic as the songs that are successful with the masses today,
is a beautiful song with a wonderful letter.

Another factor may help you disclose it and popularize it, is the factor of being
relatively simple to play, many people love to play it for those who love,
is awesome to play with friends and things like that.

Add also in the description of you songs a brief story about your inspiration
to create it, what fellings you want to pass, how you felt to create it, if it
was made to someone, place for whom it was made, and things of this kind. It is always
exciting to know what led an artist to inspire and create their work.

Take advantage of this factor, I also would like to ask you permission to play it
for a very special girl to me, if I may, can you pass for me the chords of the music,
saves me a long time, I'm not very good at taking chords by ear. If you Enjoy the idea,
place the tablature on a website along with lyrics, is a great way to popularized it.

Congratulations! (5 / 5) (10/10)

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seatellite responds:

of course you can play it for whoever you'd like! this is under the Creative Commons License under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (:
Also, the chords are quite simple, it's simply the same 4 chords the entire song, except the chorus is fingerpicking.
The chords are:

The song is in standard tuning.

that's the whole song. (:
I hope you're special girl enjoys it my friend <3

Death of a Prophet Death of a Prophet

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm don't speak english, but i gonna try.
Well, the way you compose this music is amazing,
The melody remember me something like Dracula,
Mad Scientists, A Genius Alone in the world, something
dark, sad and beautiful.
Congratulations! You did a wonderful music, and also absolutely
expressive ^^

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Elvish Adventure Elvish Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Through Magic and Peaceful Forest!

Good! It really shows what you want to express, as in a magic forest, enchanted and the like, I liked the lead, is well mastered and everything.
Seizing the opportunity, I must ask what program you used to create it? The sound was really good.

jkap1 responds:

I use Logic, but I made this one almost three years ago, and so I'm pretty sure all the sounds are just the standard out-of-the-box ones that come with GarageBand.
This is just 4 tracks of midi step programming: a little shaker in the background, the upright bass, the flute, and then some preset sound called 'bondi breath' that I didn't process that much if at all (I thought everything blended together pretty nicely already).

Anyway, thanks for the good rating & nice words. Personally I think I could have mixed/mastered it better, but maybe I'm too hard on myself. I'm glad you liked it!

Healing Touch Healing Touch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're one of the protagonists

Once upon a time, in an age where information overload has caused people to lose their sensitivity and ended in a herd where the popularization of some unqualified leaders took the music to a path of self destruction
But every era has its heroes, every story has a protagonist, now close to the edge, we must recognize the true leaders, put them together and transform the world, George R Powell you're one of the protagonists. Hear what I say, stay tuned because very soon one boy is emerging to lead us to glory and was the most sensitive of all human history, an era that just as the music will be total harmony between everyone and everything, ERA OF MUSICIANS
Many say I'm crazy, but I really believe that soon, when we enter this new era, we will be so in harmony with the world, we begin to hear music in everything, the music that exists in every one of those things, maybe what you have experienced is that, is not something we hear, nor is it related to any of the five senses known to man, is more than that, perhaps in a latent sense that we still do not notice its presence, this definitely music is special.

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CKC - Piana CKC - Piana

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I almost have no words

man you really did something extraordinary, I confess that
when I started listening to it I thought of changing music, but when I read the description I decided to wait until the end of the song and was really impressed, I am a complete novice in this area, but I could not help it honors the good work.
5 / 5

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CKC2009 responds:

thank you and yes too many idiots sum up songs in first few seconds..

Solar Wind Solar Wind

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I like the Asian Touch at 2:10, man nice piece of work!
Seriously, I was not expecting to hear that "asian touch" in the song, it fits perfectly in the song. Where did you learn these things, learn for yourself?

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Pocketpod responds:

Well I played piano and now I play guitar. I also have to learn some theory, but all the house and DnB skill is just experience.

Thanks for your review dude^^

I Guess a Child Was There I Guess a Child Was There

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude, very relaxing and cool, continue with the good Job.

Meditation II (piano) Meditation II (piano)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I Love it!

Eu comecei no "Mundo dos Musicos" há alguns dias atrás, eu estou escutando cada musica e eu estou tentando reproduzi-las por mim mesmo, para aprender e entender como compor obras-primas como a que você criou.
Se você puder me dar algumas dicas e me indicar um soundfont de qualidade e que seja livre, ia ser bem legal.
I started on the "World of Musicians" a few days ago, I'm listening to every song and I'm trying to play them by myself, to learn and understand how to compose masterpieces like the one you created.
If you can give me some tips and tell me a good soundfont and it is free, would be pretty cool.
-by Google Translate

[JLB] As Autumn Comes Around [JLB] As Autumn Comes Around

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Incredible! Epic!

Dude! Absolutely Epic! I'm new to this stuff like Songwriting, but without a doubt, this music and the sounds generated by the program that you used reached an incredible level.
-By Google Translator
(Sorry if my English is very bad, but is because I am Brazilian, so it is not my native language, even with the language schools here is hard, as we rarely use what we learn. We only use during classes in language school. Then we use the Google translator, right? xD )

JulezJLB responds:

Appreciate it man. Nothing wrong with Google Translator lol.